miercuri, 8 mai 2013

Dinner time

Today the blog turns one month,and i want to thank you for all 3200 views,from all over the globe and the 144 likes on FB so thank you,and a big thanks for everyone who liked and shared the posts!
So today i had a fully day,but i found some time to cook a lite dinner..
this is it,easy delicious stuff
i used eggplant,tomatoes and zucchini + a big pork chop that you leave it in one big piece!

Slice the veggies,and put salt,pepper and balsamic vinegar on them.
Cut some small pockets in the meat and fill them with garlic,spread the meat with salt,and pepper and massage it,and i made a sauce (olive oil,balsamic vinegar,rosemary and sweet mustard) to put on the pork,to make a crust.
Put everything on the hot grill,and don't forget to spin from side to side constantly.
Enjoy a well cooked,easy to make dinner! ;)

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