miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013


Me and some friends just visited the lovely small country Montenegro. A still pretty unknown place in the southern part of the Mediterranean often referred to as the "Hidden Pearl of the Mediterranean",locally known as CRNA GORA.
For me Barcelona is the dream,the place where I want to move,and live all my remaining days,but honestly,now I would share a big part of that time with CRNA GORA,the views are spectacular!!!
I've visited Italy, Spain, France, Grece, Bulgaria, Romania,all have sea exits,but for me this small contry is on top of all of them, we had part of a lifetime experience full of adrenaline,and swimming,cliff jumping, scuba diveing,parasailing and partying.

Short history:

..after the Balkan wars, Montenegro started slowly on an accelerating page to rebuild itself as the tourist destination it had been for decades. 

Montenegro was part of Serbia,but o
n 3 June 2006, the Montenegrin Parliament declared the independence of Montenegro,formally confirming the result of the referendum. Serbia did not object to the declaration. 

..we went by car Romania->Serbia->Montenegro and the drive was kinda hard because of the Tara Canyons,but the views were amazing! so you have to do it at least once,after you can go by plane..
We were near Budva,at Milna Apartments a great place,with a pool,gym clean,fully equipped,parking lot and very close to a sandy beach, here you have more http://www.booking.com/hotel/me/milna-apartments.en.html the owners were great thank you once again Milna, a fashion blogger with lots of potential check out more here http://milna89.blogspot.ro .
This is Mogren beach,the best place in Budva,from where you can do some cliff jumping,if you think you can handle it!!! The smallest cliff is about 3 metters high and la highest is 21 meters,totally worth it!!!
..but try to be carefull because the road and the cliffs are slippy and it's easy to hurt yourself!!!
I also recommend  you to visit Kotor and go on top of the old fortress and..
..I also recommend  you to visit Kotor and the Blue Cave,the water is just like the blue GETORADE ;)
And also try to do all the great activities like scuba diveing,parasailing,boat riding maybe some rafting it's imposible to get bored there!
The food is great try the Boca restaurant,sea view,awesome food and desserts!
It's a perfect destination for everybody,and it's not expensive at all,so go for it next summer!!!