vineri, 17 mai 2013

Sweet,crunchy and refreshing dessert

..the weekend is almoust here,the sun is shining,so i decided to present you a very good,easy to make on the shopping list,here is what you need: vanilla ice cream,some corn flakes(mine are with honey) 1/2kg of strawberries,biscuits,and a chocolate bar(i used lion)

..first thing to do after you have all the ingredients,is to put 1/2 kg of icecream and almous 1/2 kg of the strawberries in the blender,mix them until there aren't any solid parts,and put it all in a plastic casserol and into the freezer for a few hours,until it is in a more solid stage.

After the mix is gets more solid,prepare everything so you cand do this fast,we don't want the ice cream to melt! ps: I picked from the garden and a few mint leaves.

put everything in layers,1 the icecream and strawberry mix,2 some corn flakes,3 the chocolate bar,break it  into small pieces ,4 vanilla ice cream, 5 cramble some biscuits , 6 a few full strawberry with 1 or 2 leaves of mint cutted in small pieces..repeat the layers until the glass gets full..and on top,combine the 2 icecreams for a cooler look!

Here you have it!and trust me,everyone will love it!it is sweet,it is crunchy,it has caramel from the lion bar,it is bitter from the strawberrys,and refreshing from the mint! ;)

                                                        Enjoy the weekend!!!

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