marți, 22 iulie 2014

Barcelona Dreamers sounds!

Here you have an almost complete playlist of all the songs that were posted on our FB page,the playlist will grow daily..hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do :D

ps:to acces the playlist just click on the headphones in the image!it will direct you to YouTube :D

miercuri, 5 martie 2014


  Carles Puyol i Saforcada (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkaɾɫes puˈjɔɫ i safoɾˈkaða]; born 13 April 1978)

He served as a longtime team captain for his only club FC Barcelona
He has made 593 appearances for the Catalan giants and is the second most capped player in the club's history behind current team-mate Xavi.

18 seasons with 18 major trophies,the most important:
  • La Liga (6): 2004-05, 05-06, 08-08, 09-10, 10-11, 12-13
  • Champions League (3): 2005-06, 08-09, 10-11
  • Uefa Super Cup (2): 2009-10, 11-12
  • Fifa Club World Cup (2): 2009-10, 11-12
  • Copa del Rey (2): 2008-09, 11-12 

Gràcies per tot, Puyi.


luni, 3 martie 2014

Start your Monday with RED and BLUE!

Dick Figures: The Movie is a 2013 American independent animated comedy-adventure film, written, directed by and starring Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, distributed by Mondo Media. It is Mondo's first animated feature-length production and independent company Six Point Harness' first original feature film. 

The film tells the story of Red and Blue, best friends turned enemies, who hunt for The Great Sword of Destiny in order to save the world... and their friendship

Mondo Media are the distributors and of Happy tree friends,so if you miss the crazy,cute,dangerous animals,take a look at DICK FIGURES,looks stupid but really fun!

luni, 3 februarie 2014

Live music of street performances!

I always apprecieted artists that can sing live anywhere,and use it in their advantage to promote themself this way,so I selected a few of the best street performances on yt and decided to share them with you..enjoy and respect for this guys for beeing natural!

He is the father of street performances

marți, 28 ianuarie 2014


This is the first post of this year,and I had the pleasure of starting it with a great book!I recived it as a present,to motivate me and cheer me up I had to be"STRONGER THAN FEAR",so i had no clue what the book was really about,but for my surprise this is one of those book that you have to keep on reading it,until the very end,it's breathtaking,full of thrill and a big Thank You to the ones that bought me this present! and this one is a MUST!

Marc Levy

 (born 16 October 1961) is a French novelist.
 Marc Levy is the most-read French author in the world.
Levy was born in Boulogne-BillancourtHauts-de-Seine. At the age of 18, he joined the French Red Cross where he spent six years. In parallel, he studied management and computers at Paris-Dauphine University.
In 1983, he created a company specializing in computer graphics in France and the United States. In 1989, he lost majority control of the group and resigned, starting again from scratch. He then co-founded an interior design and construction company with two friends; the company would become one of the first office architecture firms in France.
When he was thirty-seven, Marc Levy wrote a story for the man that his son would grow up to be. His sister, a screenwriter, encouraged him to send the manuscript to Editions Robert Laffont, who immediately decided to publish If Only it Were True. In 1999, after selling the film rights to Steven Spielberg for Dreamworks, he left his architectural firm to dedicate himself to writing.


..A plane crashed on snowy Mont Blanc, Suzie Baker finds the document that could do justice to her family accused of high treason. But this compromising discovery puts on alert U.S. intelligence. 
Andrew Stilman,a New York Times reporter, joins fascinating and enigmatic Suzie Baker,to follow an investigation who can kill both of them and make them vanish into the blue. Therefore, Suzie and Andrew must avoid traps and foil the plans, risking to reveal one of the most closely guarded secrets of our time. Compelling characters, suspense well dosed ... With this new novel, Marc Levy imagines the story of an astonishing modernity.
Marc Levy did his homework well because the most intresting part is that the investigation and that "guarded secret" from the book,is a true fact from the real world,about misplaced documents,and a hidden war between the great powers of the world to conquer territories and their resources..but enough said,I'll let you discover and enjoy this masterpiece!