duminică, 26 mai 2013

Fast and furious 6..or as lame as it gets

..i saw it today,and it is worst than expected!Lame jokes,not to many cars or car action,and as you expected the law of gravity doesn't apply in F&F..+ the package of muscle in these movie is too high!!! I mean you have to be a big wrestling fun to enjoy the movie..and don't get me started about the cars..excepting 2 EVO X and a Nissan wich apear for 2,3 minutes,at the start and the big finale they are using an alfa romeo julietta!!! really?can that get more lame? YES! 3 cars holding a plane from departing..and as one of the character notice it the plane is as big as a "planet"...please don't spend your money on this piece of s**t,the movie is very predictable,boring,and THE ROCK..he is stunning,just standing there looking like a big bag of muscles,acting stupid and beeing passionate about it..at the end i tought there will be a big kiss between him and Vin Diesel :))
Ps: if you enjoyed this movie i also recomend to you THE SMURFS!

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