vineri, 29 noiembrie 2013

Feliç aniversari FC Barcelona!

Full nameFutbol Club Barcelona
Nickname(s)Barça or Blaugrana (team)
Culés or Barcelonistas (supporters)
Blaugranes or Azulgranas (supporters)
Founded29 November 1899 (114 years ago)
as Foot-Ball Club Barcelona
GroundCamp Nou
PresidentSandro Rosell
ManagerGerardo Martino

marți, 1 octombrie 2013

Fifa 14 OST

..with every FIFA game release, the soundtrack turns out to be just as important as the game. Whether it’s the music that’s playing during warm ups or in the menu screen, all of the tracks on this incredible soundtrack get you pumped and ready to go. The guys who are in charge of making these selections surely know how to choose the right set of tracks. 
Not many of you know that a lot of bands got promoted by the fifa franchise,bands like The Script,Gorillaz,even Linkinpark..
And it's been like this since fifa 98 came out,even if then the game soundtrack only had one or two songs,with the main theme featuring BLUR -SONG 2,now it's a full list,more than 27 great tracks,hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013


Me and some friends just visited the lovely small country Montenegro. A still pretty unknown place in the southern part of the Mediterranean often referred to as the "Hidden Pearl of the Mediterranean",locally known as CRNA GORA.
For me Barcelona is the dream,the place where I want to move,and live all my remaining days,but honestly,now I would share a big part of that time with CRNA GORA,the views are spectacular!!!
I've visited Italy, Spain, France, Grece, Bulgaria, Romania,all have sea exits,but for me this small contry is on top of all of them, we had part of a lifetime experience full of adrenaline,and swimming,cliff jumping, scuba diveing,parasailing and partying.

Short history:

..after the Balkan wars, Montenegro started slowly on an accelerating page to rebuild itself as the tourist destination it had been for decades. 

Montenegro was part of Serbia,but o
n 3 June 2006, the Montenegrin Parliament declared the independence of Montenegro,formally confirming the result of the referendum. Serbia did not object to the declaration. 

..we went by car Romania->Serbia->Montenegro and the drive was kinda hard because of the Tara Canyons,but the views were amazing! so you have to do it at least once,after you can go by plane..
We were near Budva,at Milna Apartments a great place,with a pool,gym clean,fully equipped,parking lot and very close to a sandy beach, here you have more the owners were great thank you once again Milna, a fashion blogger with lots of potential check out more here .
This is Mogren beach,the best place in Budva,from where you can do some cliff jumping,if you think you can handle it!!! The smallest cliff is about 3 metters high and la highest is 21 meters,totally worth it!!!
..but try to be carefull because the road and the cliffs are slippy and it's easy to hurt yourself!!!
I also recommend  you to visit Kotor and go on top of the old fortress and..
..I also recommend  you to visit Kotor and the Blue Cave,the water is just like the blue GETORADE ;)
And also try to do all the great activities like scuba diveing,parasailing,boat riding maybe some rafting it's imposible to get bored there!
The food is great try the Boca restaurant,sea view,awesome food and desserts!
It's a perfect destination for everybody,and it's not expensive at all,so go for it next summer!!! 

luni, 29 iulie 2013

Two good,one bad and one to go

..the title is about 4 movies,as you can tell one of them is Despicable me 2,seen @the cinema,in a fantastic 3d,really worth it,great story,minions everywhere,Agnes has a bigger role in this sequel,and all the voices are exactly where they should be,and to all of these add lots of laughter!
It was worth it,and I would see this again anytime!!!

This second movie it was a little unpredictable,i was expecting a cheap chinese version of some power rangers/godzila mix, until i saw the director Guillerme Del Torro..a bit surprising,for me..and he did a great job with this movie,I'm talking about PACIFIC RIM
Really good story,full of details, spectacular effects, and something new on the market I can say,worth seeing it!!!

Now the bad one,oh and this was horrible,bad jokes,disgusting screen play, adam sandler and his crew doing nothing in the entire movie + the wolf man from twilight, who i think it is gay as hell..anyways this is a piece of c**p and i left before it was over..this is GROWN UPS 2 the unnecesary movie!
And now the one left to be seen is wolverine..and you can read more about it here

luni, 22 iulie 2013

The Wolverine

..this week "The Wolverine" has it's release in 3D,probably the second best love comic cartoon after Batman is back with a new full of action adventure!

"In modern day Japan, Wolverine is out of his depth in an unknown world as he faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before."

I have big expectations from this movie,because I have been a huge Wolverine fan since i was 5 or 6 years old,and from the hole X-man characters Wolverine is the most popular one,because he still has a human side,and mostly a human look.

Since this will probably be the last comic book related movie for this year,let's hope it will rise to our high expectations,and we'll see some "sold out" cinema tickets!

.. această săptămână "The Wolverine" are lansarea sa în 3D, probabil, al doilea cel mai bun desen animat iubit, după Batman se întoarce cu o noua aventura plina de actiune!
"În moderne zi Japonia, Wolverine este din profunzimea într-o lume necunoscută în timp ce se confruntă cu dușmanul său final într-o luptă pe viață și pe moarte, care va pleca la schimbat pentru totdeauna. Vulnerabile pentru prima dată și a împins la limitele sale fizice si emotionale , el se confruntă nu numai oțel samurai letală, dar, de asemenea, lupta interioară împotriva lui nemurirea, în curs de dezvoltare mai puternică decât l-am văzut vreodată ".

Am așteptări mari de la acest film, pentru că am fost un mare fan Wolverine, inca de la 5 sau 6 ani, și din X-man , Wolverine este cel mai popular, pentru că el are încă o latură umană, și mai ales un aspect uman.

Deoarece acest lucru va fi, probabil, ultimul film cu personaje de benzi desenate pentru acest an, să sperăm că se va ridica la asteptarile noastre, și vom vedea cinemaurile pline!

miercuri, 17 iulie 2013

FACT: we love italian food!

As I promiss here is a new explicit recipe,pasta with tomato,chilly,mint and basil,so..


-Olive oil,extra virgin,not the cheap one if it's possible
-Butter (extra flavor)
-fresh Mint
-fresh Basil
-Tomato (buy fresh from the market,if you buy it from a supermarket,go for the cherry tipe,not the ALL look alike,plastic type)
-one Chilly
-Salt,Pepper and Oregano
-and Pasta,i used Speghetini,because they are ready in 5 minutes;


Heat up the fire,put water to boil in a pot,heat up the second fire,put a large pan on it,chop as fine as you can the mint,and a half of the basil,chop the chilly and the tomato into small pieces,cut the bacon into slices.
After the pan is hot,put some extra virgin olive oil in it,some butter,and 2 leaves of basil,to give some flavor..

..after the butter has melted,put the sliced bacon..
..when the bacon is almost ready,in with the fine chopped garlic and chilly,and after 30 seconds,in with everything else,mint,basil and tomatoe,add salt,pepper and oregano.. now you water in the pot should be boilling,put the pasta,read the label,and follow the timeing instructions on it,on mine 5 minutes,after 2 minutes i saved some non salted stock of water from the pot,to add over my sauce,after you take a cup of water,put a teaspoon of salt in the boilling water,to give some taste to the pasta..
..things are almost ready,the sliced tomato has gone soft,and the sauce will start boilling,and evaporate,after your pasta are done,put them in the pan,with the water stock,and some gratinated permesan,and give a good stir..
 ..and you are done,put the rest of the basil leaves,put everything into a big bowl,and enjoy with the family,friends or anyone around..

Așa cum am promis aici este o rețetă nouă explicita,de paste cu roșii, ardei iute, mentă și busuioc, așadar ..


Ulei de masline-, extra virgin, nu unul ieftin, dacă este posibil
-Unt (plus de savoare)
-Basil (tradus de google translate ca Vasile :)) ), proaspăt
-Tomate (cumpara proaspete de pe piață, dacă îl cumperi de la un supermarket, du-te pentru TIP cherry, nu din alea care toate arata la fel, tip plastic)
-un Chilly
-Sare, piper si oregano
-și paste, am folosit Speghetini, pentru că sunt gata în 5 minute;

Mod de preparare:

Se porneste focul, pune apa la fiert într-o oală, alt foc pornit, cu o tigaie mare pe el, se taie cat mai marunt menta, și o jumătate de busuioc, taie ardeiul și roșii în mici bucatele, taie șunca în felii.
După ce tigaia e este fierbinte, pune niste ulei de măsline extravirgin în ea, putin unt, și 2 frunze de busuioc, pentru a da aroma ..

.. după ce untul sa topit, pui baconul feliat ..

.. atunci când bacon este aproape gata, pui usturoiul tocat fin și ardeiul, și după 30 de secunde, înauntru cu toate ingredientele menta, busuioc si rosii, se adaugă sare, piper și oregano ..

.. de acum apa în oala ar trebui să fiarba, pui pastele, citiți eticheta, și urmați instrucțiunile de cronometrare pe ea, la mine 5 minute, după 2 minute am salvat un stoc non sărată de apa din oală, pentru a adauga peste sosul meu, după ce ia o cană de apă, se pune o lingurita de sare în apă cu pastele care fierb, pentru a da gust  pastelor ..

.. lucrurile sunt aproape gata, rosiile feliate sunt moi, iar sosul va începe sa fiarba, și se evaporă, după ce pastele sunt gata, le-am pus în tigaie, cu stocul de apă, si permesan gratinat, și se amestecă ..

  .. si ai terminat, pune restul de frunze de busuioc, pune totul intr-un castron mare, și bucurați-vă cu familia, prietenii sau oricine din jur ..

marți, 16 iulie 2013

BEN HOWARD I had a big shock,searching for things to write about Ben Howard,I found out that he is the same age as I am,even if he looks a bit older to be honest,but hey,that's a good thing,because he is really talented,and one of the best guitarist I've ever heard and he still has a lot to offer us!
I started listening to Ben,after I saw his video "Keep your head up" brilliant video,song,lyrics,this was about one year ago,somthing like that,so I started listening to every song this guy has,and I was simply fascinated,he has a different voice,calm,but husky,and his technique of playing the guitar is incredible,it's called "pick and go" as he explained in a interview,kinda hard to explain,i will add some videos so you can see for your own..
So let's start with the beggining, Keep your head up.. after you see this you will go I WANT TO DO THAT!!! but still don't let it be just about the video,listen to all his lyrics..

luni, 15 iulie 2013


..the classy boys are back, Season 3 will premiere July 16, 2013!!!
If you haven't seen this tv show yet,it's time for you to watch it,here's a short plot for all the new viewers "On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers." but for the rest of us,this show needs no other introduction..this is one of the best,classy,sexy,intriguing show on tomorrow don't miss the season premiere!

joi, 11 iulie 2013

Unemployed Superheroes..something went wrong here!

Have you ever wondered what would it be if all the super heroes were unemployed,and they would go hard on the junk food? :)) here are a few examples of how would they look..

SeXXXy huh?! :)) enjoy!!!

marți, 9 iulie 2013

All kind of music..from indie to pop..rock!

I decided to not post these new songs that i found on FB,so that you'll not get a full news feed from barcelona dreamers :P i'm in a constant serch for good music,all kinds of it..german,indie,rock,pop,live,studio etc..the best song that i found,i mean i've heard this song about a year ago, i'm talking about the first one Imagine dragons -Radioactive the live version sounds amazing!!! 
Here are a part of them,hope you like them..


miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

Book of the week: Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton

...Alain de Botton, (born 20 December 1969) is a Swiss/British writer, philosopher, television presenter and entrepreneur, resident in the United Kingdom.His books and television programmes discuss various contemporary subjects and themes, emphasizing philosophy's relevance to everyday life.

Alain de Botton is not intended to juggle eternal apple of discord between believers and atheists: the existence of God. Of course there isn't, says trenchantly from the beginning de Botton, an atheist, of course, no religion is true in the theological sense, but let's see what can we,atheists, learn from religious practices. How to apply religious ideas, the best, in our daily life? Religions are not made by chance, but based on a good knowledge of human nature, our relationships with others and our needs.

Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believer's Guide to the Uses of Religion

..The most boring question one can ask of any religion is whether or not it is true. Manifestly, none are.
The style of simple, direct, easy to understand and to those who read less, Alain de Botton tries, at least declaratively, to build a bridge between atheists who reject any matter of religion and its traditional teachings, taking him God out of the equation. And he succeeds.

For too long non-believers have faced a stark choice between either swallowing lots of peculiar doctrines or doing away with a range of consoling and beautiful rituals and ideas. At last, in Religion for Atheists, Alain has fashioned a far more interesting and truly helpful alternative.

"Things get really interesting when you just stop to think that religions were sent to us from heaven or that are completely absurd. When we admit that we invented religions to serve two primary needs today and animates our secular society has never managed to fulfill with honor: first, the need to live together in communities in harmony, despite impulses deeply rooted selfish and violent. And second, the need to cope with terrifying degrees of pain caused by vulnerability to professional failure, to troubled relationships, loss of loved ones and our own decay and death. It may be that God may be dead, but the actual problem which forced us to invent it continues to impose solutions that do not disappear when you detect any inaccuracy in the parable scientific multiplication of the loaves."

Religion for Atheists is certainly an exciting reading for believers and non-religious and especially for atheists. Extract of religion with matters of morality, of belonging to a community, the need for celebrations and representations, speaks to the dark side of human nature, by training the body and mind, about ego or pessimism.
Somehow, Alain de Botton is traditionalist. Values ​​the community, the moral, the helping of others, wants a necessary social education. He wants things to be arranged and controlled skidding. A sort of dictatorship of culture and reason I would say, using force mechanisms in place for religion.


Religia pentru atei

.. cea mai plictisitoare întrebare se poate cere de orice religie este dacă sau nu este adevărat. În mod evident, nu sunt.
Stilul simplu, direct, ușor de înțeles și de care citesc mai puțin, Alain de Botton încearcă, cel puțin declarativ, pentru a construi un pod între atei, care respinge orice chestiune de religie și învățăturile sale tradiționale, luându-l pe Dumnezeu din ecuație . Și reușește.

Pentru prea mult timp non-credincioși s-au confruntat cu o alegere clară între fie o mulțime de inghitire de doctrine specifice sau de a face departe cu o serie de ritualuri și idei consolare și frumos. În cele din urmă, în religie pentru atei, Alain a modelat o alternativă mult mai interesant și cu adevărat util.

"Lucrurile devin cu adevărat interesante când doar te oprești să te gândești că religiile au fost trimise la noi din cer sau că sunt complet absurde. Când ne recunoaștem că am inventat religii pentru a servi două nevoi primare de astăzi și animă societatea noastră seculară nu a reușit să-și îndeplinească cu cinste : în primul rând, necesitatea de a trăi împreună în comunități în armonie, în ciuda impulsurilor adânc înrădăcinate egoist și violente și în al doilea rând, necesitatea de a face față cu grade terifiante de durere cauzate de vulnerabilitatea la eșecul profesional, la relațiile probleme, pierderea celor dragi și a noastră. decădere și moarte proprie. Se poate ca Dumnezeu poate fi mort, dar problema reală, care ne-a obligat sa-l inventeze continuă de a impune soluții care nu dispar atunci când detectează orice inexactitate în multiplicarea științifică pilda pâini. "

Religie pentru atei este cu siguranță o lectură interesantă pentru credincioși și non-religioase și mai ales pentru atei. Extract de religie cu probleme de moralitate, de apartenență la o comunitate, nevoia de sărbători și reprezentări, vorbește la partea întunecată a naturii umane, de formare corpul și mintea, ego-ul sau pesimism.

Într-un fel, Alain de Botton este tradiționalist. Valorile comunității, moral, ajutând altora, vrea o educație socială necesară. El vrea ca lucrurile să fie aranjate și controlate derapaj. Un fel de dictatură a culturii și motivul pentru care am putea spune, folosind mecanisme vigoare în loc de religie.


duminică, 30 iunie 2013

Happy days with Jamie Oliver i promissed a few days ago,this is a post with recipes and tv shows made by the one and only Jamie Oliver!!!
Why i love this cook? he has the passion,and works so simple,with spectacular results,and as he always says in after the food is ready..HAPPY DAYS!!!
So i watched almoust every one of his shows,you cand find them on youtube,vplay,or on

So we have grill recipes,15 minutes recipes,30 minutes meals,jamie cooks summer,jamie does:Italy,Maroc,Spain,Grece etc lots of great,famous,simple and delicious recipes from all over the globe,using all kind of meats and colored veggies!

Let's start with the 30 minutes meals,is a great show,perfect for everyone who likes,knows,or wants to learn about you have a episode whith a great veg lasagna,dead easy to make and perfect for a hot summer!
Next 15 minutes meals,time saving tricks,multitasking,magic,full flavours and most important home made food!!!
Barbecue @jamie's home!
Jamie cooks summer is one of my favourite TV shows,and i'm not talking just about cooking shows!
And for the end of my post here is Jamie and Genaro making a perfect TIRAMISU,this one is from Jamie does Italy..
I'm not saying that everyone should cook,or love cooking but trust me there is something really fascinating about cook and food in general..and best of all you really don't need to be a chef to do all these great recipes! ENJOY!!!..and Happy Days! :D

.. ca am promis cu câteva zile în urmă, acesta este un post cu rețete și emisiunile realizate de către unicul Jamie Oliver!
Ce-mi place la acest bucătar? are pasiune, și funcționează atât de simplu, cu rezultate spectaculoase, si ca el spune mereu după ce mâncarea este gata .. zile fericite!
Deci, am urmarit aproape fiecare dintre spectacolele sale,  le găsești pe YouTube, Vplay, sau pe

Deci avem rețete pentru gratar,gata in 15 minute ,sa gatesti in 30 de minute, Jamie bucătar de vară, Jamie in: Italia, Maroc, Spania, Grèce etc o mulțime de rețete mari, celebre, simple și delicioase din întreaga lume, folosind tot felul de carnuri și legume colorate!

Să începem cu cele 30 de minute , este un spectacol , perfect pentru oricine caruia îi place, știe, sau vrea să învețe despre gătit ... aici ai un episod cu o mare  lasagna cu legume,  ușor de a facut și perfect pentru o vara fierbinte!

Nu spun că toată lumea ar trebui să gătească, dar există ceva cu adevărat fascinant legat  de mancare și alimente,si prepararea lor în general .. și ce-i mai bun din toate acestea e ca într-adevăr nu trebuie să fii un bucătar pentru a face toate aceste retete minunate! Enjoy! .. Și zile fericite! : D

Ps:imi cers scuze pentru greselile din RO,dar de cele mai multe ori traducerea din engleza se face cu google translate si nu functioneaza tocmai perfect :)

miercuri, 26 iunie 2013

Squizers or how to use your knwledge to earn real money!!!

Personally I believe that we live in a world where everybody is on the run and everything goes at the speed of light, much stress anchored many many more problems or conflicts that often get squeezed powers. I think I get where you're trying to enjoy what little free time you do it, but then do not know what to do with it, for all the interesting things you just jump to mind when you are most busy or the involved in something.

Unfortunately, can spare time for many means Facebook, or other stupid TV show and you sit and see how many hours were also killed, as consummate politicians we stupid or what surgery has done to I grow habits! Can get and stay 2-3 hours then you realize that actually, you're left with nothing!

Still, there are alternatives, many, but perhaps not so appealing at first glance that the first mentioned above, but I think it deserves our patience. I mean, you manage to use your free time creatively, and even learn new things that can help you along. Furthermore, to not feel alone, you can take and 1-2 friends with you and you like in your spare time and be close to them.

I recently had the pleasure to meet and take part in a new and very interesting game general knowledge only Pastime good to know something new or challenge friends to a duel of knowledge! : D

Think outside the student or driving exam, we all liked or multiple choice questions like "Did you know ...?" Where can I learn the most interesting and fascinating things about nature and mankind. Not to mention, who does not look at you be millionaire / billionaire and not left to the end fascinated that he learned something and how much money you earn / lose if he would have the answer? : D

Well, the game will tell you it's called SQUIZERS and is a combination of all the above! Indeed, at first, but the game is promising and I think that will go far, because it makes you think about it if your free time is not actually time won?


Personal consider ca traim intr-o lume in care toata lumea e pe fuga si totul trece cu viteza luminii, mult stres ancorat, probleme cate si mai cate sau conflicte care de multe ori te storc de puteri. Cred ca am ajuns acolo unde incerci sa te bucuri de putinul timp liber pe care ti-l faci, dar si atunci nu stii ce sa faci cu el, pt ca toate lucrurile interesante iti sar in minte doar cand esti cel mai ocupat sau cel mai angrenat in ceva.

Din pacate, poate timp liber pentru multi inseamna Facebook, sau alte televiziuni si emisiuni tampite in care stai ore intregi si vezi cati s-au mai sinucis, ce politicieni desavarsiti avem sau care ce operatie tampita si-a mai facut ca sa-i creasca naravurile! Ajungi si stai poate 2-3 ore dupa care iti dai seama ca efectiv, n-ai ramas cu nimic!

Si totusi, exista si alternative, multe, dar poate nu atat de atragatoare la o prima vedere ca primele enuntate mai sus, dar care cred eu ca merita rabdarea noastra. Adica, sa reusesti sa folosesti creativ timpul tau liber, si chiar sa inveti lucruri noi care poate odata te vor ajuta. Mai mult, ca sa nu te simti singur, iti poti lua si 1-2 prieteni cu tine si poti ca in timpul tau liber sa fii aproape si de ei.

Recent, am avut placerea de a intalni si de a lua parte la un joc nou si foarte interesant de cultura generala, numai bun de petrecut timpul liber pentru a cunoaste lucruri noi sau de a-ti provoca prietenii la un duel de cunostiinte! :D

Cred ca in afara studentiei sau a examenului de soferi, tuturor ne-au placut intrebarile grile sau de genul " Stiati ca... ? " de unde poate am invatat cele mai interesante si fascinante chestii legate de natura sau omenire. Sa nu mai zic, cine nu se uita la Vrei sa fii Milionar/Miliardar si nu ramanea la sfarsit fascinat ca a invatat ceva si cati bani putea castiga/pierde daca el ar fi dat raspunsul ? :D

Ei bine, jocul de care va zic eu se numeste SQUIZERS si este o combinatie dintre toate de mai sus! Intradevar, jocul e la inceput dar eu cred ca promite multe si ca va ajunge departe, pentru ca te face sa te gandesti mai bine daca timpul tau liber nu e de fapt, timp castigat?

luni, 24 iunie 2013

Book of the week "Marty Barbany's heritage" by Chufo Llorens

I'm sure not many of you have heard about this book or this author,i came across it after searching books with the storyline in or about Barcelona,and this one caught my attention..

Chufo Llorens a spanish writer,born in Barcelona in 1933,specialized in historical novels.Unfortunately there isn't much info about him, just that he also wrote "Te dare la tierra" a book sold in  150.000 copies...

"Marty Barbany's heritage"

Passion, friendship, jealousy, honor and revenge in medieval Barcelona.

Barcelona medieval houses within its walls,two stories under the sign of love and ambition: a young man from the country manages to change their destiny with only hope to thrive, longing for the love of a young noble, and the Count of Barcelona, ​​caught in a adulterous love, pushing the city into a dangerous political conflict.

Marti's legacy Barbany masterfully blends fiction and history in fresco a lively city where covenants, noble lineage, palace intrigue, ambition and others of all religions living together under the shape and color dress of the most intense emotions.


Tuesday Barbany has only nineteen when arriving in the city, hoping for a new life, away from poverty. Metropolis fascinates him, not only by size but also by all the chances that open in his way.

Road or ...
is not without obstacles. But thanks to an unexpected inheritance and his skill in business, it leads to wealth, becoming a man, respected, envied, and hated by enemies.

BUT ...
luck will not always be there. Tuesday's destiny will be marked by the Count of Barcelona, ​​Ramon Berenguer I, whose adulterous love for the Countess of Toulouse, Almodis de la Marca, it will make him face neighboring counties and even pontiff, jeopardizing peace in Barcelona.

Pasiune, prietenie, invidie, onoare si razbunare in Barcelona medievala.

Barcelona medievala adaposteste intre zidurile sale doua istorii, sub semnul iubirii si ambitiei: un tanar de la tara reuseste sa si schimbe destinul cu singura speranta de a prospera, tanjind dupa iubirea unei tinere de neam ales, iar contele de Barcelona, prins intr-o iubire adultera, impinge orasul intr un periculos conflict politic.

Mostenirea lui Marti Barbany imbina cu maiestrie fictiune si istorie in fresca plina de viata a unui oras in care pactele, descendenta nobiliara, intrigile de palat, ambitia negustoreasca si convietuirea semenilor de toate religiile imbraca forma si culoarea celor mai intense emotii.


Marti Barbany are doar nouasprezece ani atunci cand soseste in oras, sperand la o noua viata, departe de saracie. Metropola il fascineaza, nu doar prin marime, ci si prin toate sansele ce i se deschid in cale.

nu este lipsit de obstacole. Dar, multumita unei mosteniri neasteptate si priceperii sale in afaceri, il conduce spre bogatie si il face sa ajunga un om de baza, si respectat, si invidiat, si dusmanit.

norocul nu ii va fi mereu alaturi. Destinul lui Marti va fi marcat de contele de Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer I, a carui iubire adultera pentru contesa de Toulouse, Almodis de la Marca, il va face sa se infrunte cu comitatele vecine si chiar cu suveranul pontif, punand in pericol pacea Barcelonei.

vineri, 21 iunie 2013

Easy,tasty pasta dishes for this weekend!

I have a habbit of watching a lot the food chanel lately,Jamie Oliver is THE MAN there,simple,talented,charming..a real artist!
Don't know how many of you know that he has his own..
A lot can be learned from there ;) and the best part,you can watch it any time!
Next i selected a few pasta dishes from this channel,hope you'll try and enjoy them!
But first..

joi, 20 iunie 2013

R.I.P. James Gandolfini

I want to dedicate this post to this great actor,best known for his role in the HBO's spectacular tv series "The SOPRANOS"..
Date of Birth
18 September 1961, Westwood, New Jersey, USA 

Date of Death
19 June 2013, Rome, Italy (suspected cardiac arrest) 

Birth Name
James J. Gandolfini Junior 


6' 0½" (1.84 m) 

Mini Biography
New Jersey-born James Gandolfini began acting in the New York theater. His Broadway debut was in the 1992 revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire" with Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin. James' breakthrough role was his portrayal of Virgil the hitman in Tony Scott's True Romance (1993), but the role that brought him worldwide fame and accolades was as complex Mafia boss Tony Soprano in HBO's smash hit series "The Sopranos" (1999).

if you want to review,or you missed one,here is a full filmography of James Gandolfini :

Criminal Justice (TV series) (completed) 
Jack Stone
– Episode #1.1 (2013) … Jack Stone

2013 Untitled Nicole Holofcener Project (completed) 

2013 Nicky Deuce (TV movie) 
Bobby Eggs

2013 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 
Doug Munny

2012 Zero Dark Thirty 
C.I.A. Director

2012 Not Fade Away 

2012 Killing Them Softly 

2011 Violet & Daisy 

2011 Cinema Verite (TV movie) 
Craig Gilbert

2011 Down the Shore 

2010 Mint Julep 
Mr. G

2010 Welcome to the Rileys 
Douglas Lloyd 'Doug' Riley

2009 Where the Wild Things Are 
Carol (voice)

2009 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 

2009 In the Loop 
Lt. Gen. George Miller

2007 Stories USA 
The Man (segment "Club Soda")

1999-2007 The Sopranos (TV series) 
Tony Soprano
– Made in America (2007) … Tony Soprano
– The Blue Comet (2007) … Tony Soprano
– The Second Coming (2007) … Tony Soprano
– Kennedy and Heidi (2007) … Tony Soprano
– Walk Like a Man (2007) … Tony Soprano
See all 86 episodes »

2006 The Sopranos: Road to Respect (Video Game) 
Tony Soprano (voice)

2006 Club Soda (short) 
The Man

2006 All the King's Men 
Tiny Duffy

2006 Lonely Hearts 
Det. Charles Hilderbrandt

2005 Romance & Cigarettes 
Nick Murder

2004 Surviving Christmas 
Tom Valco

2001 The Last Castle 
Col. Winter

2001 The Man Who Wasn't There 
Big Dave Brewster

2001 The Mexican 
Winston Baldry

1999 8MM 
Eddie Poole

1999 A Whole New Day (short) 

1998 A Civil Action 
Al Love

1998 The Mighty 
Kenny Kane

1998 Fallen 

1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 
Diner cook #2 (uncredited)

1997 Perdita Durango 
Willie 'Woody' Dumas

1997 12 Angry Men (TV movie) 
Juror #6

1997 She's So Lovely 

1997 Gun (TV series) 
Walter Difideli
– Columbus Day (1997) … Walter Difideli

1996 Night Falls on Manhattan 
Joey Allegretto

1996 The Juror 

1995 Get Shorty 

1995 Crimson Tide 
Lt. Bobby Dougherty

1995 Le nouveau monde 
Will Caberra

1994 Terminal Velocity 
Ben Pinkwater

1994 Angie 

1993 Mr. Wonderful 

1993 True Romance 

1993 Money for Nothing 
Billy Coyle

1993 Italian Movie 

1992 A Stranger Among Us 
Tony Baldessari

1991 The Last Boy Scout 
Marcones Henchman (uncredited)

1987 Shock! Shock! Shock! 

This post is a tribute to James Gandolfini ,Rest In Peace! :(

miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

The first GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Today we decided to bring out the big guns,and have our first Giveaway,unfortunately this is only for the guys from Romania,sorry for the rest...
So for our Giveaway,all we ask is for you to like the page and share one of our blogposts including this one with the Giveaway @ !!!
The gift is the last book of the week,and that is "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald in Romanian,a Polirom limited edition!
The Giveaway will end when the FB page will reach 500 likes!
Good luck to everyone! :D

Astăzi am decis să scoatem armamentul din dotare, și avem primul Giveaway, din păcate, acest lucru este doar pentru cei din România, îmi pare rău pentru restul ...
Deci, pentru Giveaway-ul nostru, tot ce cerem este sa dai like la pagina de FB și Share la unul dintre postarile noastre, inclusiv acesta cu Giveaway-ul ,@!
Darul este ultima carte a săptămânii, și anume "Marele Gatsby" de F.Scott Fitzgerald în limba română, o editie limitata Polirom!
Giveaway-ul se va încheia atunci când pagina de FB va ajunge la 500 de Like-uri!
Mult noroc tuturor! : D