miercuri, 1 mai 2013

Barcelona-Bayern..review of a disaster..

The German side Recorded the Biggest aggregate win in the UEFA Champions League semi-final to set up an all-Bundesliga final at Wembley on 25 May.
Barcelona was lost,we didn't see any brilian passes,or self-pride..in my opinion the best player of the game was Pique who had 3 or 4 ,1 on 1 interventions in the game,and honestly i think that the own goal was just his unchaining,for all the pressure and the fact that the team didn't want to fight..to win..Pedro,Villa and Fabregas were only to be noticed from all the mistakes that they have made!
Vilanova didn't had courage,ideas,and honestly if in the first leg he did made only one change of players,now he did 3,and all were incomprehensible,changeing iniesta?he is the only player that gives 100% no mather what!

I have so many unaswered questions,why didn't Messi play?! we were all expecting him on the pitch to help the team,we all hoped that this will somehow be a kind of strategy..but it wasn't,it was only the failure of a great team,in the hands of a scared manager.
 Why didn't Tello play?! he showed great determination,and ambition in his last games,he scored,and had some assists,he has the speed that could have been esential on the conter...but he didn't get any chances..meanwhile he changed Bartra for Montoya..why?!what is the point for all that?
I'm so disapointed for the way Tito prepared the team,that we didn't score and i honestly expect some explaining  to al those "why?"

Congrats to the second finalist: Bayern Munchen,7-0 on aggregate,respect!..we should see a great match on Wembley,between two Bayern,a well known force,and Dourtmund probably a new big Power in the new football era.

ps:sorry for any mistakes,but it is late,and i think my keyboard hates me!

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