marți, 23 aprilie 2013

Bayern vs Barcelona post match review

FC Bayern München 4-0 FC Barcelona
Thomas Müller scored twice as Bayern recorded the biggest victory in a UEFA Champions League semi-final game and closed in on a third final in four years.
FC Bayern München made giant strides towards a third UEFA Champions League final in four seasons with a memorable first-leg victory against FC Barcelona.

Barcelona didn't count in the offensive,Tito only did 1 change in the entire game,there was a big lack of ideas on barca's bench,and that is proven by the result and the poor game.Messi and Pedro were unrecognizable in the entire 90 minutes.
The score could have been bigger if the ref saw the 3 or 4 handballs in the penalty area,but as a compensation,Bayern had 1 goal from an offside position,and one after T. Muller intentionally obstructed Jordi Alba. 
Congrats to all Bayern fans,hopfully Barcelona will try a "remontada" on camp nou,but that will be almoust imposible.

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