luni, 29 aprilie 2013

Youtube STARS!

Here you have some of the funniest,craziest,stupidest videos on the internet..why were they able to do all of this things,because beeing stupid or inventive doesn't hurt:)) ENJOY!

  • this is my favorite video on all the internet,i just can't stop laughing when i see or hear it

  • well if you want to make a wedding make it your own way 
  • this one is really addictive!!!
  • evolution..of dance!
  • for old times sake BSB asian version 

  • kapooya!!

  • prabably the only smart kid left on this planet 
  • dog on steroids,after graduating a stunt class..or i simply can't explain this one..
  • hey...i tought i lost you for a minute there my friend :)) 
  • new hide and seek rulz in the house 
  • simply GABRIEL IGLESIAS!!! 

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