luni, 29 iulie 2013

Two good,one bad and one to go

..the title is about 4 movies,as you can tell one of them is Despicable me 2,seen @the cinema,in a fantastic 3d,really worth it,great story,minions everywhere,Agnes has a bigger role in this sequel,and all the voices are exactly where they should be,and to all of these add lots of laughter!
It was worth it,and I would see this again anytime!!!

This second movie it was a little unpredictable,i was expecting a cheap chinese version of some power rangers/godzila mix, until i saw the director Guillerme Del Torro..a bit surprising,for me..and he did a great job with this movie,I'm talking about PACIFIC RIM
Really good story,full of details, spectacular effects, and something new on the market I can say,worth seeing it!!!

Now the bad one,oh and this was horrible,bad jokes,disgusting screen play, adam sandler and his crew doing nothing in the entire movie + the wolf man from twilight, who i think it is gay as hell..anyways this is a piece of c**p and i left before it was over..this is GROWN UPS 2 the unnecesary movie!
And now the one left to be seen is wolverine..and you can read more about it here

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